Master of Science in Precision Health


Students have the opportunity to personalize their experience by choosing a concentration in which to focus their studies.

Clinical Research

Students in this track will receive advanced training in the development, execution, and analysis of clinical trials and clinical research, especially as they pertain to precision prevention, diagnosis, and treatment. Coursework covers topics such as pharmacogenomics and pharmacogenetics, patient engagement and retention, computer programming, ethics and inclusion in medical research, digital health, and modern clinical trials design. Graduates of this track will be prepared for careers at academic medical centers, pharmaceutical industries, and federal agencies (e.g., Food and Drug Administration).

Data Science

Students who choose the data science concentration will develop advanced skills in the areas of data capture, management, and analysis involving medical records, mobile applications, genomics data, survey, and city/state/federal and other real world data. The data science concentration moves beyond traditional statistics and gives students training in machine learning, artificial intelligence, and other deep learning methods, as well as associated computer programming and bioinformatics. This includes, for example, leveraging machine learning to study large sets of clinical data (including images and genomics) and non-clinical data to model health, wellness, and disease.

Entrepreneurship in Medicine

The entrepreneurship concentration will be useful for students interested in medical start-ups and the business aspects of personalized healthcare. Students will leave the program with a basic understanding of entrepreneurship, including understanding the myriad factors that contribute to the success of a new product or program, such as conception, design, and finance. When possible, coursework will focus specifically on medical and biological concepts. The concentration is intended to help students develop an entrepreneurial mindset that leads to successful careers in health-focused companies, health solutions, or product divisions of large companies. 

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